Well, redpill.wordpress.com was taken, so I added an extra “d”.

I am an Equalitarian, a believer in balance and Justice. I am NOT a seasoned writer. I haven’t yet determined fully what this blog is about, but basically it is an anti-feminist site.  No, not anti-woman.  Just as the neo-socialists lay claim to “Liberal” they have also lay claim to “feminism”, when they are neither. So, exactly what are they? You decide.

At this point, you’ve identified me as a conservative, anti-Liberal. (Again, “Liberal” is a label stolen by the Neo-Socs. They are NOT Liberal). You couldn’t be more wrong. I’m an Equalitarian, seeking balance. I’m a Constitutional Libertarian. The Constitution is written in plain language and is easily understood, and IT IS America’s Supreme Law.

Being anti-feminist brings balance to a world where Western Man is demonized, unfairly,  by women and men. I want to bring attention to the fact that the media, CNN and FOX, hide truth from us. They all protect the Ruling Class by propagandizing us.

I want to put an image in your mind. Imagine a man lying on the ground, beaten and bloody. Race doesn’t matter for he is Anyman. The perpetrators stand over him, ready to go another round should he protest. What’s strange about them is their identity.  Normally they wouldn’t associate with each other, for they are Yin and Yang, the church and the dyke, the patriarchal and the maternalists. Each with their own special grudge, they squeeze the modern male, put him into a box, stereotyped as an abuser, rapist, child killer, war-monger, ad infinitum. So much negative energy is being pressed into service against men, that we are starting to press back. Don’t believe it? Look at commercial advertising. Count the number of ads you see that show men as idiots, incompetents, fools. Now see how the numbers stack up on ads that show women in a similar light.

Why Red Pill? Just like the movie, you have a choice. Swallow the Blue Pill and leave this blog as blissfully ignorant as you are now,  or take the red pill, absorb the information I provide, and see the truth that there is such a huge imbalance to the scales of Justice that your life, the life of your son, the life of any male you may call friend is in jeopardy.