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Haven’t determined if these bitches are feminists, but I know I would kill myself rather than have them on a jury if I were indicted for something.


Boycott Fort Meyers FLA and FLA as a whole

These Ft. Meyers FLA folks nor the state attorney general care enough about sexual assault or child pornography to arrest perpetrators. Recently three young girls kidnapped a young boy, stripped him of his clothing, filmed it and posted it on youtube and were sent home with no punishment. I’m sure this young boy has been scarred for life and will probably turn out to be an offender of some type himself. Perhaps he’ll be forced to go live under a bridge as is common in FLA.
With injustices of this kind going on here, I’m taking my vacation elsewhere this year.

Why are they sweeping this under the rug? Common opinion says because the perpetrators are girls, and as we all know, in FLA, you can be too pretty to go to prison. You go grrrllll!

CBC Finds New Staff

I’m not going to copy and paste the whole thing to here. Suffice it to say Canadians are up in arms about their mental patients being turned back at the US border. I say keep them there and let them work at the most offensive censoring site on this continent.  (

Story here:

Try and post a respectful comment with an idea they (leftists) don’t agree with.

Below is the standard feminist response to foreign brides. To feminists, these cases are either slavery or probable cases of domestic violence. In the US, it’s a requirement for prospective US grooms to get a background check AND for the prospective brides to receive counselling on their rights as newly integrated “Western” women.

at 11:21 AM ETHide my-two-sense’s
Human exploitation at its best. (worst). 

I thought we had made some advance in terms of slavery……….apparently not.
Yes, I used the word slavery.

Slavery? How about REAL slavery where men, who have no reproductive CHOICEs being forced to pay for a woman’s CHOICE?  What’s worse, how about a teen-age boy who was raped, being forced to pay child support to his rapist? IT HAPPENS!

Feminists want to participate in democracy but have men as the only ones that can be forced to defend it. Ladies, stay home, don’t vote, and let those who actually defend democracy, those that are expendable, decide which way the ship of state will sail. What we have now is the cook telling the Captain how to sail the ship. Bad idea, as we can all see the results of extremist feminism.










Catherine Kieu Becker

Old story, as news stories go.

It’s Not Funny

This psycho drugs her husband, cuts his wiener off, and throws it down the garbage disposal.  Standard dog bites man story. No imbalance here. She’s immediately arrested and I’m sure she’ll do her time for this heinous crime. What is really different is the reaction to the story.

Sharon Osborne (Ozzies wife), the cast and the audience of CBS’s “The Talk” thought it hilarious, what with how “floppy” it must have been going round and round down the drain.  CBS removed that show from their online archives, unofficially forced her to apologize on air, but never issued an apology for allowing it to air in the first place. That’s right, no word on CBS’s official position on genital mutilation or the fact that an improv comedy skit broke out on their watch. If you get a chance, watch the sniggering that surrounds Osborne’s apology.

Hey, isn’t Osborne a foreign national, not a citizen? Couldn’t she be banned from the US for advocating genital mutilation? She did exactly that when intervewed about “Ahnold” cheating on Maria.

Seems to me the current general attitude is that some men can “deserve” such a thing.

Around the net, we see some of the same comedy, as well as an attitude of  ‘it happens around the world to women all the time.’

From Huffpo:

marie phd

Still trying to figure it all out…
11:50 AM on 7/21/2011
I am absolutely disgusted with the moderators of this site for deleting my comments – it speaks of the pure sexism that is permitted and propagated at huffington post. One man gets his penis cut off and there are screams for the womans death? wtf? As if this makes up for ALL the assaults women/chil­dren have had to put up with from violent men.Women are mutilated/­murdered/r­aped daily at the hands of men – all over the world including the US, but there is minimal outrage.”

Well, Marie, I personally have never seen any male tv personalities, or female for that matter, chuckling at female genital mutilation. Also, Marie, I refuse to take responsibility for anything that has ever happened to a woman or women  right here in the US, let alone in Bumfuk Egypt. I’m sure this victim feels the same. As for the death penalty? I say leave that up to courts and her husband. Hell, at least life with no possibility of parole. This woman is a danger to anyone with a penis.
One comment on Huffpo was an answer to a woman that suggested he “deserved” it because he ‘may” have raped his wife. The reply was, did the poster think it appropriate to cut the tongue off of a woman that lies about rape. Good one.
Here’s another Huffpo-ite:
02:16 PM on 7/15/2011
Being in a relationsh­ip is a difficult thing. But when it has gotten to the point where you are even thinking about hurting that person, no matter the reason, it is time you take a break. She really must have believed that it was the right thing to do; so I’ve come to the conclusion she must have been experienci­ng a strong case of insanity at the time.
OK, men are just violent and evil; that’s their nature. But when women get violent they’re insane? There are over two hundred current studies that show that women are just as violent as men. The major difference? Men are stronger and can inflict more damage, while women need to find a weapon to inflict the same type of damage.
Then there’s this:
12:02 PM on 7/15/2011

Here’s a similar story from Houston:
Man Accused Of Torturing, Mutilating Wife
Investigat­ors said that during the ordeal, Gregory Longoria tied his wife to a bed, beat her and tortured her with fire in a private part of her body.
So, do you disturbed people think this is appropriat­e or funny?

04:02 PM on 7/15/2011

Weeelllll, there’s nothing funny about it, of course, but it would be interestin­g to share it with others to see if the reaction would be the same.

05:05 PM on 7/15/2011

Why? What did she do? Was she abusive? Did he finally snap after years of mental abuse at her hands? She must have really been a monster to deserve that!…..­……….­….

Now to everyone that posted similar replies regarding the story above; can you see how incredibly STUPID, IGNORANT, BIASED, AND OFFENSIVE you sound?


War is the health of the state–Randolph Bourne
04:52 AM on 7/16/2011

I think we have found a match for the woman in this article. They should be incarcerat­ed together. Hey!!! Idea make a reality tv show out of it, have zoo keepers that use fire hoses to keep them from hurting each other too much!

07:16 PM on 7/16/2011
Except that this case is even worse because she might be able to recover but he will never recover.
…and no one on national tv is laughing their fool heads off about it.
There is no reason, short of immediate self-defense, to mutilate anyone’s genitals, but in American Media and in many internet locations, you’ll see the attitude that , maybe he deserved it.
Valerie Bertinelli’s character on Hot In Cleveland was seen pondering doing this to a man she was sleeping with. She was seen toying with a kitchen slicing tool while thinking about how the man had done her wrong. Reeeely funny, not.
This would also lead into how funny it is when a man receives blunt force trauma to his genitals, but that’s another topic
Keep in mind, we seek balance. There was no balance to this because 1. the media whitewashed the chuckling by those fools on The Talk  and 2. Male genital mutilation is seen as humorous and “he probably did something to deserve it.”
Now, we wait to see if there is balance in sentencing, or will she get the treatment that Bloody Mary Winkler got for shooting her sleeping husband in the back?