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First off is

They introduce themselves as :

Who We Are

This is a place for those of us with a liberal bent, who happen to be military spouses, partners, and significant others. We may not always agree, but we are here to listen to each other. We may argue, but we listen! Discussions won’t always be military related, but the truth is, we ARE attached to the military, so most will!

OK, the men associated with these commie bimbos need to have their security clearances revoked. One named ophiolite wrote this:

It always grinds my gears that those NOT in the service of their country should have any say about what goes on in the service, especially women who don’t have a dog in the fight, who aren’t required to register for Selective Service, and who don’t have to walk into harm’s way.

Anyway, I left this comment :

“I’ll just ask one question: In the drawer in the night stand next to many women’s beds is a favorite toy. What shape is that toy and who is objectifying whom?”

At the time of this writing I still see: Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Now here we have a brave, strong independent woman who is afraid to let the truth out. You just KNOW she’s got a vibrating dildo in her nightstand and you just KNOW what shape it is.  As you read that page, you’ll see she has a counter answer for everything. In the world of leftist-facists, there is ONLY their way. In the world of leftist-feminists, when you counter their argument successfully, they do one of two things. They ignore you, as she has done me, or they cry.

Notice, if you will. that they lay claim to the word “Liberal”. Leftists are NOT Liberal. They have nothing to do with Liberty. In fact, they are the opposite of anything to do with Liberty. They are tyrants, willing to do anything they can to force the rest of us to live the type of life they choose for us. Notice another thing about Leftists. They also lay claim to moral and compassionate superiority, yet they still believe it’s ok for a woman to murder her unborn children. Compassion? Morality? Makes me want to puke. They have become exactly the same thing they accused America of in the 50s and 60s.